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14cm Motsu Bumble Bee

  • £8.45
Back in soon!
The 14cm Motsu Bumble Bee is an adorable and playful plush toy that is perfect for children of all ages. Whether used as a comforting companion for bedtime or a fun addition to imaginative playtime, this cute and cuddly bumble bee is sure to bring joy and happiness to anyone who loves plush toys. The Motsu Bumble Bee plush is designed with a round and chubby body and a pair of wings, giving it a cute and whimsical appearance. It has black and yellow stripes all over its body, as well as big, expressive eyes that make it even more endearing. The 14cm Motsu Bumble Bee is a cute and cuddly plush toy designed to look like a friendly and playful bumble bee. This plush toy typically measures 14cm in height and is made of soft and plush materials, such as polyester fibers, making it incredibly soft and huggable.